About Jennifer

Dog Trainer First
Image Jennifer got her first Vizsla in early 2014, after falling in love with the breed the year before. Involved with professionally training dogs for several years prior, she had been looking for a breed to fall in love with, and thought that German Short-Haired Pointers would be the ideal breed, due to their energy, enthusiasm and houndy nature. However, sent both a GSP puppy and a Vizsla puppy for training, Jenn fell in love with the little Vizsla female's easy-going, happy, biddable nature - as well as her enthusiasm and her velcro-like demeanor. This puppy was Camo's Tinkerbell, a field-bred puppy, and when she went back to her owner at six months to grow up and start her field training, Jennifer was both heartbroken and determined to add a Vizsla to her family permanently.

The Vizsla show family is a small community, and it wasn't long before Jennifer met Nancy Edmunds of Vizcaya Vizslas. This meeting was incredibly fortunate for Jennifer, who found in Nancy a friend - but more importantly, a mentor. Little Rendi came to live with Jennifer at just nine weeks old, and the road she would lead Jennifer down was an amazing, incredibly journey for both of them. There have been a lot of tears, a lot of hard-knock lessons, and some big wins along the way, and every entry into the ring has been an adventure and a learning experience, if nothing else! Nancy taught Jennifer most everything she knows about the world of AKC Conformation - how to dress, how to act, the meaning of Sportsmanship, animal husbandry, and a lot of real lessons about integrity and ethics and problem solving.

Rendi is now Grand Champion/Champion Vizcaya's Rendition of a Fantasy CA, and she has whelped two gorgeous litters. With her first litter just now reaching their maturity, and her second litter now starting to be shown and earning points, we are so grateful to Nancy for her continued guidance and patient mentorship. Rendi has mostly retired from the Conformation ring, leaving the limelight to the next generation, and is in training for her next big adventure - her obedience and trick titles. We will be learning how to hunt birds this summer, and will hopefully attend our first hunt test this fall.


About Fantasy

Making Dreams Reality
Image At Fantasy, we believe strongly in creating sound, healthy dogs that are correct to type in all ways - physically, temperamentally, and instinct/ability. We believe in staying true to the standard as written, and we do our best not to follow fads or fancies that may come and go in both the ring and the field. We strive every day to look at our dogs with the same critical eye that we turn upon others, and to recognize our faults as readily as our strengths. We are committed to preserving the Vizsla breed as it was intended to be for generations to come, and to always stand behind our dogs and our word - to comport ourselves with the high level of integrity that we expect of others.

With Jennifer being a dog trainer first, we believe in going a step further in thoughtful puppy rearing. Like other breeders, we are carefully searching for "forever" homes for our beloved get - but we believe in setting puppy owners up for success from day one. Socialization with children and strangers, crate training, introduction to potty training, as well as lead-training and an introduction to basic obedience and house manners are practiced with all of our puppies. We also extend the time our puppies are at home with their mamas, delaying pick up to a minimum of twelve weeks old. We strongly believe that the lost "puppy" time is recouperated in a better behaved dog in the long run. New owners are also encouraged to attend a puppy school - with a max-$200 incentive offered upon successful completion. As a trainer first, we also encourage new owners to "do more with their dog!" Incentives are also offered for every successful AKC title finished. (PLEASE NOTE: Only puppies sold with an "OPEN" registration may compete in AKC Conformation classes - but dogs on a limited registration can be titled in many other venues through the AKC!

The "Fantasy" that is our kennel name comes from our beloved foundation female - GCH CH Vizcaya's Rendition of a Fantasy CA. "Rendi" is the dog that has made all of this possible, and our kennel name is an homage to her and to our belief that it's never too late to chase a dream until it becomes reality.