Below are some websites that may help you decide
if a Vizsla is right for your family.

The Official AKC Vizsla Page
See the Vizsla info sheet on the AKC Website.

The AKC Vizsla Standard
The official written standard for the Vizsla breed. The standard to which all AKC breeders should breed to. (Please Note: This link opens a PDF file.)

Vizsla Club of America Website
The Official Parent Breed Club for AKC Vizsla breeders.

Vizsla Club of America Code of Ethics
The official Code of Ethics for Reputable Vizsla Breeders. (Note: When we reference the Code of Ethics, the site linked here is what we are referring to.)

The Vizsla Database
The database for Vizslas, smooth and wirehaired. The source for all of our pedigree links.

Vizsla on Wikipedia
Click here to find out more about the Vizsla's history.

Vizsla Books Available on Amazon
We recommend The Versatile Vizsla by Marion Coffman.

The American Kennel Club
The Official AKC Website Home.

AKC - New to Conformation
Click above to find out more about the sport of conformation.